marți, 17 iulie 2018

Australia - A Rainy Day in Sydney

I wanted to publish this post a very long while age, but the words were not enough. I wasn't happy with the copy whatsoever. I remember writing and re-writing it several times, but never pushed the Publish button because I was completely unhappy of how it turned out. 

First of all, it happened in 2015. It was mostly cold and rainy, we were in a hurry, as we had only few hours to spend in the Sydney CBD before taking off. I said at the time that we visited the port, which is not entirely the truth, but little I knew about Sydney then. I can sure say that we couldn't feel the pusle of this vibrant city in such a short while. 

I will let the images do the talking, as I'm still finding them remarkable, and share some more about Sydney later. It's easy to recognise the Opera House, the Darling Harbour, the Bridge, the Queen Victoria Building. 

I think we didn't miss any important landmarks at the time, but the weather was extremelly  capricious and I remember being frustrated of not seeing enough, even our feet hurt at night. 

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