luni, 9 septembrie 2013

Radu's B-Day

I just stopped to say hello and to post some pics from Radu's Birthday. 

See you later!

Sorry for absence! I'm busy living!

duminică, 4 august 2013

London in July

Last summer, before the summer holiday, Runa was very upset. Being in an elite class, she was dissapointed not to receive the first prize and the traditional flower wreath on her head. She worked a lot last year, and she had tears in her eyes in the last day of school.
In September, we asked her if she plans to win the first prize, her answer was "no, because I'm not good enough". Oh, my, how could I make her believe she can? We already knew that talking along couldn't motivate her to win. Bogdan came out with a plan, so in October we told her she gets to go on a trip, just the three of us when school ends. If she'll put the flower wreath on her head at the end of the year. 
And she did it. She won the first prize, she smiled with that flower wreath on her head on the last day of school, and she chose London as the destination for our trip together.
Four days in this wonderful city and Runa was completely bewitched, forever. Since we came back, last Wednesday, she dreams of studying and living in London. And eating sushi every single day.
Having so little time, we've shown her mostly the landmarks: Big Ben, Westminster, London Bridge and London Tower, Buckingam Palace and the Marble Arch. We took her to Hamley's and Harrods, then, again, to sushi. 

We are already thinking about next year's motivation, any ideas? Material temptations don't work with her, just to let you know.