marți, 15 iulie 2014

A Love Better Than Life Itself {Movie}

They are two children, Sofie and Julien, true friends and partners in crimes. It starts with a game, a music carousel exchanged at every challenge accomplished. In time, the game became more and more extreme, with powerful and extreme dares, like saying No during Julien's wedding ceremony, or with Sophie being almost killed by a train after. Ten years later, without any contact (also a dare) the box returns to Julien, who finally realized he was still in love with Sophie. They meet again, and they give each other the most incredible dares, having their love sublimed in an unexpected way.  

The original title is "Jeux d'enfants" ("Love Me If You Dare"), is a movie from 2003 with Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet, and I really can't stop myself thinking about it. I laughed and I cried, it made me think about what is important in life, about parents and their mistakes, about forgiveness and true love. Not an American kind of movie, anyway.

I would put it on a list with the most powerful movies I ever saw, and I really recommend it, is genuine and beautiful. 

You can watch the trailer here: