vineri, 27 iulie 2012

Happy Birthday for my Sweetheart!

There are things in life you can choose and other you cannot. 

We come in this world and for us is the very beginning of the world there without knowing with whom we are going to share our lives in the very first place. 

Later is a matter of choice with who we want to travel and to share our memories and our love. 

I am so happy I am the one you chose to be by your side in this journey. 
If there is an end to this world there is nobody else I would like to share it with.

I couldn't adore and love you more than I already do. 

I am so grateful for you being in my life, for raising our kids together, for all the beautiful things that happen when we are side by side.

Happy Birthday, Bogdan!


miercuri, 25 iulie 2012

Happy Weekend Behind {part two}

Is Wednesday already and I'm wondering where all those days are going. It seems so long ago since our weekend in the mountains, the heat is almost unbearable, the things are moving slowly.

So, I'm back with our adventurous weekend pictures, when we wanted to mount on Babele peak. First we went to the cable, but it wasn't even open and the line was already huge. So we rented a car on the spot and we went off-road from Sinaia to Babele. It was a difficult road for me, with my painful back, but the kids were absolutely astonished and delighted. 

We took some steps up from the Bucegi Plateau, where wind and rain have turned the rocks into spectacular figures such as the Sphinx (2216 m) and Babele (2206 m).

After a while we went down by cable and rushed to get home to celebrate. What? Oh, Bogdan's birthday. 

Well, it wasn't his birthday at all, but Mara wanted to celebrate earlier, because she knew she'll be in the camp starting today, so she's gonna miss the real birthday party.

Guess who turned out the candles? Of course, Radu. And Mara. And Runa. 
But... we all ate the cake!  

Mara left today for her first camp and I'm kind of sad and worried, but she seems so happy... She called me and Bogdan today many more times than I remember and told us how fine she is. 
So, I guess I'll be ok, isn't it? (big and deep sigh)

luni, 23 iulie 2012

Happy Weekend Behind {part one}

Last Friday, when we heard at news that the temperatures will rise at almost 40 degrees in weekend, we suddenly decided to go to the mountains. Saturday morning, not very early, we left our burning city and we tried for the first time the new highway to Ploiesti, the A3. It's opened few days ago and I loved it, is shortening the time to reach Valea Prahovei. But in Sinaia the traffic was awful, so we decided to go to Peleș Castle, the former residence of the Royal Family and one of Queen Marie favorites.

Thanks to Ana, who highly recommended it, we went to Piatra Șoimului Hotel, a very children-friendly place in Sinaia, with their own restaurant, Kuib, where we felt really very welcomed. From our room balcony we could watch the children playing outside in the grass playground, from the restaurant terrace we saw them playing in the sand playground. In the evening, Radu had to be washed from head to toes, because he literally swam in the sand. 

In the restaurant, a nice surprise, we had our table already reserved and arranged (I was kind of anxious about it, knowing they scheduled a nice show in the evening - Love and Fire, with Eugen Istodor and Gigi Melody!).

The food was perfect, the show was nice, we went to bed only to get ready for a new adventure on Sunday morning!

miercuri, 18 iulie 2012

Our Little God-Daughter

She is sweet and smart, you can tell by the way she looks at you, and she listens to no one but her mother.

Andreea and Petre visited us recently together with Maria Azaria and it was so amazing to see how much she grew up in such little amount of time. 

Of course I remember how fast the kids are growing, Runa is 11 now and I'm still wondering when all this time flew away! But I saw this little angel after a while and she seems suddenly so big and with such beautiful coordination in her movements!

Mommy dressed her up in the color of her eyes, which happens to be my favorite color, too!

There is no better place like mommy arms, isn't it?

Oh, maybe it is, can I change my mind, please? please???

Or maybe not... mommy, help!

I think I can manage a brother, yes, sure I am! What, a boy is not a brother? Oh, daddy, what did you say? You'll buy a gun? I need to cover my ears!

Dinner time! Yummy!

There are nice things in my godparents yard!

Mommy, I can manage it myself!

I think so! Look, look at my hand!

Oh, Mara can help me anytime!

We have a big family, with all cousins and godsons and brothers and sisters-in-law, and is always a pleasure to spend time together. I wish we can see each other more often and children get to know each other better than it happened in our families when we were kids. 
Because family is what we have really valuable and is good to know you love and you are loved and you can count anytime on it.

marți, 17 iulie 2012

My Boys

Is a beautiful weather right now. 
First day cooler after few weeks in a row with huge temperatures and uncomfortable humidity. I went outside and my clothes didn't stuck to my body and I even felt I could wear makeup. 

But, because there is a but, my back hurts and the effort makes me nasty and snappish and lacked of focus.

So I took a look at last week's pictures and I felt instantly better watching Bogdan and Radu fooling around the beach with some buckets in their hands, splashing water all around.

I love them so much, my heart is melting when I see how much fun they're having together and how Bogdan is making funny faces and entertain his little boy. 

And what I'm trying to tell you is that I'm really grateful for my life as it is and for the people I'm sharing it with.