duminică, 9 noiembrie 2014

The lottery

Source: Pinterest

 I  once read a story about an old, and I mean decades old, couple. They met one sunny afternoon, had a cup of tea together with some friends, and after that he walked her home and BANG! he asked her to marry him. She said YES and they lived happily ever after. He used to tell the story many times after all those years, everybody knew it and enjoyed the satisfied smiles on their faces, and the complicity they shared.

How much luck do you need to be the subject of such story? It seems to me that you would need a lot of luck! I mean like "winning the lottery" kind of a "LOT". How many of us have ever experienced such a thing? Not too many, I guess. Most of us will work every day to support ourselves. And also most of us need to kiss many frogs before finding the prince, and even if you find him, you don't know if he will become a frog again.

But how bad is to work every day to make a living? To make effort for the rest of your life to support yourself, to have the freedom to enjoy life even if you didn't win the lottery's big prize? You can find satisfaction in work, and if you really want it, you can do lot of things to enrich your life every day. You may find also that even what you dreamed you want to do can't make you really happier, either.

It's the same thing with marriage, it's like winning the big lottery Jackpot. Only few of us can be so lucky to realize they know the big, definitive truth about love and a lifetime partner, in a couple of hours. Most of us are looking for the right person like others are looking for the six winning numbers. For every new relationship they hope this is The One. The one to fulfill them, to complete them, to become their happiness.

But I think there is joy in any loving relationship as long as you're willing to invest in it, to learn and to grow, to enjoy life even if you think you didn't guess all the six numbers. Maybe you'll find out the Jackpot was already in your hands and you didn't know to enjoy it fully because of your unrealistic expectations.

Perhaps the two heroes of my story didn't ever win the lottery. Maybe they had only three or four good numbers out of the six but they were wise enough and dedicated all those years of their lives  to grow their little luck from the beginning in a way that made them the lottery King and Queen.

Source: Pinterest