duminică, 31 octombrie 2010

Party all the time

As I announced yesterday, we hosted a huge Halloween Party this evening, with 15 kids and their parents. It was great, especially because my brother-in-law took care of everything, our only concern was that the party will take place in our big and children-proof house.

So, we had a popcorn and a cottoncandy machine at the first floor, clowns and mimes and creepy characters, costumes for all the children and plenty of food and refreshments. The good news are that we didn't work very hard on it, for the first time since we host parties the food was catered (usually we cook and prepare 1 week in advance - I mean especially my mother-in-law), we took disposable plates, forks and glasses, and it was everyting ok.
The one with the Nemo suit was me, but I've changed in a Flamenco dancer in about three minutes later, because my mother in law said I look like pregnant again :).
We enjoyed it very much, even if we didn't work so hard as usually. We cleaned the house in an hour after we finished, and here I am :). And I don't feel guilty at all, you know?

My brother-in-law, for the first time in his life face-painted, with his little daughter, Maria, only 2 months old.
Dio, our beloved friend, as a cowboy (or, better said, as an oil tycoon).

My friend Andreea (Dio's wife), as a sexy captain with me as a Flamenco Dancer.

Radu, as Spiderman.
Mara, a beautiful wizzard.
Runa, the Spider Lady.
Runa and Ioana, last one as a Vampire.

Mara and the pumpkins.

Me, Andreea, Alina and her husband Gabi, today was his 33rd birthday!
And, you know, tomorrow is Monday!

sâmbătă, 30 octombrie 2010

Back home

We arrived back home yesterday, after 15 hours of flying (and 22 hours of travelling), but we didn't have much time for jetlag :).
There are 10 hours difference between Vegas and Bucharest, so night there would be day here, but thanks to our kids we were fast on the track.

We took them in the park this afternoon, to enjoy the last rays of sunshine, they were so nice to each other and played all together!

Tomorrow we are hosting a Halloween Party for kids, it's gonna be huge! All the kid's friends will be here, thank God Radu didn't invite anyone!

vineri, 29 octombrie 2010

This Moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see. {from www.soulemama.com}

joi, 28 octombrie 2010

I Was Here

Last night, last show: O by Cirque de Soleil, at Bellagio. Water, air and fire.
And so much music... so beautiful and moving. The lyrics are written in a language you cannot understand, but you can feel it. It seems that you already know what they say, even the language was not discovered yet.

Then, we took the pictures I wanted so much and now we are back in the room to finish packing and go to sleep, cause we have a long way to go.
We are going to leave in the morning, on Thursday, and we will arrive back home Friday afternoon. We miss the kids so badly, we are looking forward to see and hug them.

What a journey, what a holiday!

miercuri, 27 octombrie 2010

Do you believe in love after Cher?

She changed more than 10 outfits, sang like a diva and rocked the evening up!
She is 64, is looking good and she knows it!
But she has the guts to laugh of herself, and that made her more likable and pleasant.
We really, really loved it!
Image from: www.celebritywonder.com

We took some pictures after the show, on the hall upstairs, just for fun, because we are too tired to go out tonight. So... I will take the "I was here" pictures tomorrow evening, hopefully.

What I wore at the concert: leather jacket Guess by Marciano, short booties and faux pearls necklace from Charlotte Russe, some nice lace socks from Claire's and leopard print blouse from Ann Taylor.

marți, 26 octombrie 2010

Cirque du Soleil - Zumanity

We just arrived back from Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil, as part of our re-investment we made from the money Bogdan won last night.

I wanted to put the images from YouTube directly on the blog, but I manage just to link directly to one of the most beautiful scenes from the show. Instead, I show you our tickets :).

It was funny, sensual and entertaining, Bogdan had a small part in the begining, when one of the ladies took him "for a drink" :).

The anchor was a trans-sexual with a beautiful voice and with a very good sense of humour, who had a look to the people in the room and asked who is single, who is married, who is gay? Some people raised their hands as answering the questions and, after the question with the gays, "she" asked:
"Why so many? The tickets for Cher were sold out???"

Were plenty of funny moments during the show, but the dances and the acrobatics, on the border of circus and burlesque, were the real thing.

After the show, we ate at MGM, and here is a piece of advice: never take the buffet half an hour before closing time. The food was bad, hard, cold, it seem to us that we could do better with an a-la-carte menu somewere else.

Aaaaand the best is yet to come: Cher tomorrow nightand after tomorrow Cirque du Soleil again - O at Bellagio!

I will be back with some pictures from the series: I WAS HERE! I mean here, in Vegas, because three years ago Bogdan was almost all the time in a conference at Mandalay Bay and I don't have even a picture here.

luni, 25 octombrie 2010

USA, Antelope Canyon and Las Vegas, Day #6

Today is our Independence Loss Day: October 24, 11 years of marriage.

To celebrate, we came to Vegas, but not before seeing the beautiful Antelope Canyon. Is truly an amazing piece of art, the water carved it in incredible shapes, curves and heights.
Let the pictures talk for themselves.

Here I carry Bogdan's tripod on my shoulders, as a real assistant.

Pipe Spring, in the Paiute's rezervation, a place which reminded me some of the poor villages in my country, Romania.

And Vegas, baby, to Caesar's Palace Hotel,
a place to celebrate with sushi and sake :).
I came upstairs alone to write this post and in ten minutes we had a Jackpot!!!
I have to close the computer and go spend the profits! :)

Almost forgot: here is the view from our room at 39th floor!

USA, Lake Powell and The Rainbow Bridge, Day #5

Our day started very early, because the Lake Powell’s cruise was scheduled at 7.30.

The sky was again very cloudy, yet we manage to catch a beautiful sunrise on the lake.

Glen Canyon is, from my point of view, a flooded Monument Valley. High and nice carved mountains, everything on the water.

All the views were beautiful, but nothing compares to what happens when you reach the end of the boat’s journey and you walk on some floating bridges to go on stable ground.

Here is the reward of two hours on the water, in the wind and rain:

The Rainbow Bridge.

The Rainbow Bridge is allegedly the biggest in the world, a sacred place for the Navajo Nation, who still uses it for its rituals and prayers.

Is one of a kind place on Earth.