vineri, 14 iunie 2013


Sometimes I feel my heart overwhelmed and beating like hell.

It's gratitude and love what I feel, and fear of losing what I love most. 

Life was so difficult for me as a young girl, that now I find somehow hard to believe everything is so fine. A big, loving and happy family, good health, the blessing of doing what I like, the stars seemed to have finally lined up for me.

I wake up in the night and loose my sleep, because there is so much running through my mind. I'm afraid that I might wake up in the morning and find that all that disappears, as if everything was just a dream. You might say I don't live in the present, but it's exactly the opposite. I enjoy every day so much, I'm afraid to sleep so it won't finish. 


marți, 11 iunie 2013

Mara's Graduation Show {Clown Module}

Few months ago, Mara started an acting course, together with one of her classmates. She had her first graduation show two weeks ago, while we were in U.S.A. But, lucky us! she performed again Sunday morning, in a charity show.

Her stage name was "Colorfully", in an approximate translation ("Colorilă", in Romanian) and she didn't have to wear a clown costume, but a princess dress, more in her usual style.

What I loved most about the show was that Mara (and the other kids, of course) learned how to control her body language. And even more, she is not afraid to show off her funny faces. Large gestures, beautiful mimic, impeccable diction. 

Her beautiful acting teacher, Iana, did a wonderful job! Thank you!

The show was really great, her body language was so different of what I use to know!