duminică, 6 noiembrie 2011

Autumn is in the Air

We had one thing in our minds the entire week: to go this Saturday in the Botanical Garden, to make memories and take pictures with the kids. The weather was amazingly beautiful in this part of the world, sunny and not very cold for this time of the year, and the leaves... oh, the leaves have gorgeous colors, starting from green to brown and going through a full range of yellows and reds.

The Garden is not very big, but the trees and the alleys are pretty and it has some sense of wilderness we haven't seen in others. Or perhaps is just a nice memory of my childhood which makes it better than it is...

The kids jumped and played, teased each other, threw the leaves in the air, took some baths of leaves, shook the trees and caught their falling leaves with their hats, stared at the leaves... everything with leaves :). 

Back home, Radu fell asleep in the car, for about 10 minutes, than he refused to sleep anymore, to my deep disappointment, because when he's awake and we are home, he's stuck by me like a stamp on a letter. For tomorrow we have big plans either, I hope the weather will be equally fine!

In the evening, I put him into bed and went to see "Anonymous", the latest film of Rolland Emmerich, with Rhys Ifans and Vanessa Redgrave in the leading roles. A big and nice surprise Rhys Ifans, a very good composition role and a beautiful screenplay either. Perfect to close a Saturday evening!

3 comentarii:

Ana spunea...

You have a magical family!<3<3<3

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Thank you, Ana! I think you are magical, too!

Rural Revival spunea...

What a great set of photos. Love the one of Bogdan and the kids on the ground and the one with you and the kids walking...both very sweet. What a beautiful family!