luni, 13 august 2012

Les Coqueliroses, Azay-sur-Cher, France, Day #1

Yes, it was that time of the year, when the time has stopped and we were in holiday for a week, just the two of us... 

France is always a reliable destination, the most romantic country ever, and I'm not talking here only about Paris!

Our destination was this time the Loire Valley, with all the chateaux and jardins, and beautiful villages...

Bogdan found an amazing accommodation, Les Coqueliroses, a beautiful farm house near Tours, with tasteful decorated rooms and a much better price than a hotel. 

The owners, a lovely French couple, created a welcoming atmosphere with all the necessary comfort. In the backyard there is even a swimming pool!  

We arrived on Saturday, earlier than the suggested time, but Eliane was so nice, even we disturbed her siesta, and invited us to take a nap in our room. Which was received with enthusiasm, 'cause we were awake from 5'o clock in the morning, traveled by plane and by car, and really tired.

In the evening, we wandered in the neighborhood, we visited the old village, took a walk in the waterfront of the nearby river, the Cher, and by the fields.

We just enjoyed the silence, the beauty, the presence of each other.


We took the dinner in Cormery, a nearby village, in a restaurant named Auberge du Mail, which I highly recommand!  

The food was truly delicious, starting with the bread and butter and finishing with the cheese and dessert, all of it watered with a soft and lavander flavoured rosé wine of Bandol, perfect for a first dinner in France.

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