sâmbătă, 1 septembrie 2012

Château d'Amboise, France, Day #2

I had an exhausting couple of weeks after the perfect holiday in France, so I need to get back on the memory lane to remember how beautiful it was... Is seems like a long time ago, and it was so dense and intense that are already things I cannot remember. 

Thanks God we have the pictures! 

I know there are people who'd rather leave their camera home so they can enjoy better the holiday, but we are not that kind of people...

No, ma'am! We are searching the best angles, a better light, a better cloud! Not only we use the pics as a way to express ourselves, but to remember where we've been, too. Especially me, Bogdan still has his brains with him.

In the second day, in the afternoon, after such a rainy morning in Tours and Riche, we were chasing the light in Amboise, from the banks of the Loire. It was an unusual way to visit the château, but we didn't feel like entering inside, we wanted to breath the fresh air and to feel the nature. Now, really, when we started forgetting to enjoy the nature? It was such a peaceful evening, with so much energy pumped up in our hearts, we could spend lives there... 

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