miercuri, 14 noiembrie 2012

Atlantic City

Is strange how things can change from one day to another, how life starts over and over, how a storm (or a hurricane) can destroy everything in only few hours. I know it seems like I'm talking about life, but actually I'm talking about the huge disaster from the East coast of the United States.

Is (oh, already) one month since we came back from our short holiday in America, when we spent a couple of days in New York and some others in Atlantic City. The only thing we did it was to relax, unlikely other holidays (when we usually drive and walk all day long).

It was the ocean, the long and beautiful wood boardwalk, the ultra-kitsch hotels, the noise from the gambling machines... 

And it was, of course, the Victoria's Secret's shop from Caesar's Palace, where I splurge all my holiday shopping budget for the next year. No regrets, no, no, no. Money can't bring happiness, the perfect fit bra, yes. Especially when you're double D cup.

Life's beautiful, isn't it? 

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