vineri, 13 iunie 2014

Crisp morning in Lofoten Islands

Today I'll go back on memory's lane, but not too far away, in March, when we've been to Lofoten Islands. 

Oh, speaking about magic, there is nothing more magic than a sunrise in Norway, on the shore… Maybe the Aurora Borealis to be better! Tired as hell, when everybody was asleep, Bogdan went out to shoot. And the pictures were more than we could expect. 

It was in the morning he arrived in Lofoten, after a very long trip, three planes and the ferry, when he gave up sleeping and stayed out to catch the sunrise. I arrived one day later and I witnessed sunsets, but never sunrises.

The crisp morning, the soft light reflected in the ocean, the bright red cabins, everything was fuel for the eyes and soul.

We went there in an organised photo-tour, with Alex Conu and Anca Tirc, you can find them at When planning your trip, check twice the planes and the ferry's schedule, I almost missed the last one because on Thursdays the departure time was different than other days.

See you later with some more details about this wonderful trip! Thank you for stopping by!

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