miercuri, 29 iulie 2015

How to Go to Bulgaria and to Arrive in Babadag

Really, how?

Well, we are planning geniuses, both of us, so last Friday we started Bogdan's anniversary trip in Bulgaria with Radu's passport expired. We crossed the bridge to Ruse, but the custom officer didn't accept the birth's certificate as a valid travel document, so we had to turn back on the bridge, to Giurgiu. Disappointment? Of course. Blame it on us. Determination to be happy and enjoy the trip? SURE!

We made some heavy brainstorming during the one-hour-crossing-the-four-kilometers-bridge and we decided to make the best of the 4 days holiday, starting with a full day at Greaca swimming pool, near Giurgiu, then move to the seaside.

On our way to Comana and then Greaca, we passed some burning fields - farmers set the remaining of the crops on fire - so we had to stop to take pictures.

It was kind of creepy, and it was also very hot. Mara was the only one that came out to pose for her daddy.

We were looking forward to arriving at the swimming pool, driven by the thought of jumping in the clear water and having a cold drink in the pool.

There is a beautiful story about this place, a village named Greaca at 10 kilometers far from Danube: they say a beautiful Greek woman came in the area and fell in love with a local young man, so she wanted to stay there. She was diligent and fierce, and she built an Inn for the hungry and tired travelers.

The Greaca Inn is very easy to reach from Bucharest, you just need to go out from the city to the South, on Oltenita road. It's a 50 minutes drive and, believe me, it's a wonderful place to spend the day with the kids. 
Or to party with friends and spend the night there, but about that we might talk some other time.

Sunbathing, swimming, drinking beer and juices in the pool, then having dinner on the inn's terrace - this is how we spent the day. 

Meanwhile, I wanted to find a place to sleep for the next night. We wanted to go to the seaside, so I made about 20 phone calls to find two rooms near the beach. Oh, yes, sure! everybody said. In two weeks from today we will have available rooms! We extended our searches to Danube Delta, but we didn't succeed either. Full season!

Bogdan remembered about an old family friend from Babadag, he called him and he gave us a code name: "Two Rabbits". Really? 
They had rooms. So, be it! 
Babadag, here we come!

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