luni, 7 martie 2011


For the first time in many, many years, I really celebrated my Birthday! 
It was so much love around, so much fun, so many friends, that I was overwhelmed.

We danced, and danced, and danced, I stayed down for only 10 minutes all night, and that was to drink a tea to cure my sore throat.

The birthday cake was from "Maria", and earlier I had another one, from "Alice", 2 famous sweet shops in town. We ate 4 birthday cakes in 2 days :).

Catalin and Otilia kissing each other, it was an inspiring place (double wink!)...

... as I said... my "little bro" Marian (no, here is NOT a girl name), and his wife, Alina...

The DJ was awesome, he had the most perfect music selection and he was very inspired in mixing it. Ask for his number if you need it, or better hire him from me :P!

My old friend Catalin hit the floor, keeping me company (... all night looong....).

Otilia did the same, joining me for another dance... and one more...

Mirela was my precious help in organizing the party, and Ruxi, my best friend, was teasing her.

 My sister-in-law is one of the best "party animals" I know (just kiddin', Alina!), she can dance all night without pause, while in during the day time she is a great accountant.

My beautiful and sexy friend Andreea, mother of two, who would say so? In the last 6 years we spent all our summer holidays together and this year will be no exception.

 I really don't remember the latest time I danced so much, I thought I will be down in bed on Saturday but, with an aspirin and a hot shower, I danced yesterday at a baptising party, too :).

The last dance, with my loving man, who was so sweet and cute and patient, that I have no words to declaim my love for him. Then, we left the premises :).

Last year I spent my b-day in bed,  one week after I had the spine surgery, but this year I took my revenge, having really the best birthday ever!

9 comentarii:

Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

My, my, my, what a party! And what a cool gang! :-)

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Cool and sexy, you should say! Next time you should be there, to bring some more magic!

giozi spunea...

WOW how kiss !!!!!!!
I love the 5th photo ;)

Don't worry about the call.

ella@lifeologia spunea...

Happy Belated Birthday my dear!
It looks like you guys had the best time. Awesome!
May all your fairy dreams come true ;)

Rural Revival spunea...

Happy Belated Birthday! What a wonderful celebration with your loved ones! Wish I could have been there. : )


The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@Ella: Thank you! You know, when everybody said to make a wish, I couldn't think at anything but being healthy.
@Andrea: I wish you could have been here too, maybe next year :D

drstoica spunea...

Must bis! :)
Happy Birthday! I know it's late, but let me wish! :)

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Thanks! You know how they say: better late than never!

drstoica spunea...

Or... better earlier than later. :))