miercuri, 30 martie 2011

Balea Lake

We have in our country such beautiful places, but instead of visiting them, we are running away visiting foreign countries. Why that? First of all, because of the roads. It’s kind of difficult to make a proper tour in Romania, to take the highway (because we have only half of one) and go visiting our really enjoyable country.

Few years ago, on a hot Saturday afternoon, we took our car and went for a ride. Bogdan never visited Curtea de Arges, so we headed there, thinking that we’ll refresh a little bit, take some pictures of the beautiful monastery and come back.
Than, he said he never saw Vidraru Dam, so we drove a little bit more to show it to him and see the lake. We parked the car, took some more pictures (what else?), but we didn’t find a place to have a coffee or a snack (in such a gorgeous environement!). Bogdan loves to drive, and the Transfagarasan drive was open, is a difficult road crossing Carpathian Mountains, sometimes is closed even in the summer because of the snowfalls.

On our way up, in Fagaras Mountains, there is a glacier lake name Balea, at 2,034 m altitude. The area is a scientific reservation, but on the lake is a beautiful chalet having the same name, with best grilled trout I ever ate. We were hungry, the road was open, so we took our chance! 

We went up, to Balea Lake.

Well... we ate really well, but we had to cross the mountains and spent the night in Sibiu, because we didn’t have reservations for the night. About Sibiu, city who was the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007, some other time. Till then, have a look to Balea and Vidraru Lakes!

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Mihai Coman spunea...

Genial Camelia!
Spuneam eu ca vad (sau revad :-)) locuri cu ajutorul imaginilor lui Bogdan! Locul de mai sus imi este foarte drag, pentru ca avem familie mare la Curtea de Arges, si nu ratez niciodata momentul sa urc pana "la munte", asa cum ne place noua in familie sa ne spunem! Este o zona minunata care ma incarca de fiecare data cand o vad cu tare multa energie! Multumesc frumos pentru ocazia care mi-ai oferit-o de a revedea locuri dragi!