duminică, 18 martie 2012

Runa's Birthday

Yesterday my biggest daugher, Runa, turned 11! 
Happy Birthday, my smart and talented daughter!
We've been busy celebrating and doing things in real life, so I completely forgot to mark it on my blog. 
In the previous weeks we asked her many times what are her wishes for this birthday, we received the same answer as many times as we asked: I want gifts! What kind of gifts?, we insisted. It doesn't matter, she said, as long as I'll receive lots of gifts.
So, she started the eleventh B-Day unwrapping the gifts from Mara and Radu, then from her grandmother, then mine and Bogdan's. Guess it was a good start of her birthday.
In the morning, she went to school, to the Math tutoring. Runa does this three times a week, and is very tenacious about it. She even told me couple of months ago is much better during the school time than in holiday, which I found amazing!
Bogdan took her from school with Radu and went together in the park. Meanwhile I was with Mara to a pajama party at her dance class, so we both missed the fun in the park.

Evening time, we attended to the party, at Jingle Joy. This is an elder kids party space, with lots of modern devices I don't know how to use, as PS3 and Wii, as well as air hockey, ping-pong, karaoke, baby foot and billiards. I am deeply grateful for their input, cause I didn't mind of anything! We went there one month ago just to pick up the invitations and to set the details, as which kind of dance show we choose or which birthday cake, and they took care of absolutely everything. After the last home party we held in January, for Mara's birthday, I was sure I don't want another one too soon in our house! But I made the perfect choice, in terms of location and also money, and Runa was very happy indeed!

I love you, baby! You are now and forever my first born, the kid who taught me so many new things, from unconditional love to patience and self control. I hope you had a very happy birthday and I look forward for many to come!

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