joi, 3 mai 2012

Lago di Garda. Gardaland. #1

Gardaland is one of the biggest adventure parks in the area of Garda Lake, we spent there a whole sunny day and it was not enough for the kids. We had to postpone the visit to SeaLife, the aquarium, because we could't leave the park. 
Easy to understand, because we had so much fun together!
It was good we had the right parity, three adults at three kids: Runa went with Bogdan at the most "dangerous" attractions, Mara and my mother-in-law found their own preferences, while me and Radu played safe (most of the time) in small and slow devices.

This was one of the most hilarious games we ever played: we had to throw the chicken in the pot, with a hammer. The chickens were terribly heavy, we threw them mostly on the floor.

Each and every one of us tried to hit the target with the chickens, but none succeeded. The girl in charge encouraged us, but the soup wasn't ready in the end...

The girl in charge with the chicken pot had her reward... the sweetest kiss from Radu!
I will be back tomorrow with a whole bunch of pictures, I have a hard time choosing them!

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Ana spunea...

Hei credeam ca dai de veste cand veniti! Ma bucur ca v-ati distrat la Gardaland.

alicee spunea...

Superbe pozele!!! Toate :)
Cat e pretul de intrare/per adult?

Ana spunea...

Ai aici preturile Alicee

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Doamnelor, ma scuzati ca raspund cu atata intarziere, acum am vazut ca mi-ati scris! Mi-am stricat se pare setarile si nu am mai primit mesajele pe mail :(.
@Ana: nu am stat deloc in Milano, am inchiriat masina in Bergamo si ne-am dus direct in Pastrengo, plus ca nu am vrut sa deranjam de Paste, ca fiecare serbeaza in familie!
@Alicee: noi am platit un family ticket, dar biletele sunt mai ieftine daca le iei de pe net.