marți, 15 mai 2012

Lago di Garda. Sea Life.

It seems like forever since we came back from our holiday in Italy, but the kids are still talking about Gardaland and Sea Life. Why it was such a hit?
It's easy to say! There is no aquarium in Bucharest, you can only see some plastic fishes at the Natural History Museum (recently and successfully renovated). To be fair, I have to say there are some sort of small aquariums at Zoo, but as far as I remember, they are the same kind of aquariums you can see in a pet-shop.

The Gardaland's Sea Life is a beautiful and modern aquarium building, with a sailing vessel in front of it, surrounded by a small lake with colorful creatures inside.

They have a glass tunnel, where you can admire all those beautiful and interesting species... the kids were sitting there the whole morning.

The space is beautiful decorated, with sinking boats, pots and multicolor water herbs.

We could admire a large diversity of creatures, each of them in its own environment.

Outside the aquarium is a retro photo booth, where for a coin you can have you own pirate reward photography.

Radu is proudly waving his flag and the sword...

... his favorites toys yet.

Mara's trophy from the souvenir's shop was this cute dolphin, I think this was one of the most productive trip when we are talking about toys for kids. 
We had a reward system for eating vegetables, winning points and converting them in toys shopping. Bogdan invented it and I was very happy with such arrangement, because I knew we would buy some toys anyway. 
They even saved some points for home!

The kids were full of questions, and I hope we satisfied well their curiosity!

The next stop: Verona by rain!

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