joi, 20 decembrie 2012

Christmas Workshop with Fairies and Witches

When my blogger friend Maria, from Jurnal de Zână, invited me to her Christmas Workshop one month ago, I instantly said yes for Runa, but it didn't occur to my mind that I should take Mara and Radu, too. She convinced me last week, just one day before the event, that they should join the fun. And well she did!

It was the best idea ever, the kids had lots of fun and they were crafting more than three hours in a raw.

Lots of baskets were filled with sparkling globes and hearts and lots of crafting stuff, a huge bunch of pines, hot glue, scissors and ribbons.

The Fairy and the Witch were extremely well prepared, with all the fairy-stic stuff around, with tasty snacks as shortbread in chocolate and cocos biscuits, as well as lots of cookies.

The Fairy and the Witch were bewitched by Mara, she is so daring and creative. Runa was unstoppable, she was very happy to use her hands and her imagination.

For the next spring, she started to think how to organize a workshop for orphans and to help by selling their own creations. I know she'll be able to do it, if anyone is interested, please let me know.

Maria's little friend, Taz, was sitting under the chairs and in his "mom"'s arms for the whole evening.
He's in desperate need of affection, due to a little accident he had two weeks ago. Good to see he's fine now.

Runa's wreath was gorgeous, and all their beautiful creations are on display around the house, bringing once more the Christmas spirit all over the place.
Thank you a lot for your kind invitation, my dear Fairy!

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