duminică, 9 decembrie 2012

In Love I Trust

I was supposing (in my mind, of course) to write something more about the last week's visit in Lisbon, but instead I keep thinking and meditating about love. Actually, not about the generic love, but our marriage continuous love. The cause is the new book I started to read this weekend, "Love Is Never Enough", by Aaron T. Beck.

As I'm leafing through this book, I remembered all the beautiful and nice things happened to us since we are together, and some wise words I will treasure forever from the beginning of our love.

We used to talk for hours, and sometimes we were sure, but sometimes we were unsure about what the future will bring for us in his pockets. We were still young and poor and we loved each other desperately and with some kind of fear in our minds, finding hard to believe that we finally found each other and THAT unbelievable kind of love was there with us.

One day, Bogdan asked me: "What's gonna happen? How we are going to be when all this will disappear? When all the flame will be gone? How we'll be able to live with each other knowing we loved each other so much?"

I didn't need to think too much, I still remember the answer I gave: "It will be just like the beginning: an endless friendship, hours of good conversations and good memories. Maybe not exactly this love, but for sure a better one."

In all these years I came with another answer, a better one: "Love never ends. It matures and grows in years, it only depends on us to keep her alive." Her, in this case, is on purpose.

I'm so happy I was right.

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ZADIN spunea...

Sunt împreună cu soțul meu de 13 ani din care 4 ani avem de căsnicie.
A fost primul bărbat cu care m-am sărutat și cred că ne unește o dragoste unică și eternă.

Asta nu înseamnă că relația noastră nu traversează suișuri și coborâșuri...

Secretul este că nu ne luăm niciodată "for granted" și de aceea nu încetăm niciodată lupta pentru iubirea și respectul celuilalt.

Cred că relația voastră este un succes din aceleași motive.