duminică, 23 august 2015

Gura Portitei

Gura Portitei is a little piece of land near the Danube's Delta entrance gate, between the Golovita Lake and the Black Sea. We went there by car to Jurilovca fishermen village and then by boat, driven by Anatolie, the (handsome) captain.

We though it might be something like Vadu, but with some more vegetation, but it turned out that Gura Portitei became a very touristic place, full of people, loud music and even a swimming pool on the beach.

Don't get fooled by the fact that in Bogdan's pictures are not too many people, the beach was very crowded, but the water was nice and warm, so we had a lot of fun swimming and playing with the waves.

Then, we called Anatolie to pick us up and take a boat tour around the lake, to catch the breeze in our hair and to see some of the wonderful surroundings. 

We promised ourselves to return in the autumn, when the people are gone and we can fully enjoy the silence and the beauty of nature.

Sorry for so many pictures, but I couldn't decide which one to keep and which one to loose, so be patient and have a look till the end! 

Thank you for reading and come back for more!

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