miercuri, 5 august 2015

The Desert Beach of Vadu

Hello, hello!

I don't really know where those days are going by, yesterday was the 1st of August, today is already 5th! Can somebody explain it for me, please? Mr. Einstein, maybe...? Hello, are you there?!?

So, the same day we visited the ancient city of Histria, we went to the Vadu Beach, which was deserted one month ago, but it was full of campers and hippies last week. Well, not really full, as you can see from Bogdan's pictures, just a little bit full. 

Which, by the way, was veeeeery good for us, because the first thing we did on Vadu Beach was to get our car stuck in the sand. The more we accelerated, the more the tires sunk in the sand. Five brave men and half an hour later, Bogdan found himself and the car on solid ground. 

Where were we? Oh, me and the kids? In the refreshing water, of course!

We didn't do much, we just enjoyed ourselves in the full sun, then waited for the sunset to take some wonderful pictures...

And this is how to reach Vadu's Beach: you can go from Constanta to Histria on road DJ226, through Mamaia and then Navodari, and just when you go out of Corbu village, you take right on a small (and bad) road, DC83, until you arrive in Vadu village. There are some signs you can follow, and once you are on the dirt road, you can go any direction and you'll be on the beach. 

And please don't forget is a natural reserve and there are no facilities, bring your own water to drink and take all your garbage back home!

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