vineri, 27 mai 2016

Sovereign Hills

Ballarat was a small and pastoral settlement near Melbourne when gold was discovered in 1851. By 1861, Ballarat had grown from a poor village into a fine provincial city built on the wealth derived from its gold.

Sovereign Hill is an outdoor museum in Ballarat, presenting the story of Australia’s fabulous Gold Rush history. It's a living museum, full of old times characters, dressed like in 19th century, and even talking like in the old times.

Inside the buildings are really skilled craftsmen, which make live demonstrations of their skills, actually working on what they have to do. 

If you feel cold (and that's how you should feel on a drizzle late autumn rain), you can stop at any corner and warm your hands (and feet, if you feel adventurous).

If you are a member of Weight Watchers Anonymous, DO NOT sit on the weighing machine, please! It's sophisticated and with a very subtle announcement on the left side: FAT, FAT, FAT!

If anybody needs a pan, I can go back and bring some!

The kids were amazing! They had roles, no doubt, but they were so natural and genuinely happy, we stayed and enjoyed their joie-de-vivre and happiness for more than half an hour.

It was a little bit too theatrical for me, but I enjoyed it and I highly recommend it for kids of any ages, willing to find out something more about Australian history and the Gold Rush.

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