duminică, 15 mai 2016

Sunday, Lovely Sunday

We woke up a little bit earlier than yesterday, only to fall asleep again.  
Not me. Him.

I woke up, went outside and bought some fresh bread, prepared a brunch, opened the champagne. Mmm. No. The dot must come after the word "brunch". No champagne today. 

Then we hurried up to meet Liliana and Tibby for a walk on Mount Lofty Botanical Garden. Magic, I tell you! 
Only 30 minutes drive from Adelaide, on the hills,  there is this beautiful place, smelling like Heaven from eucalyptus, camellias, hydrangeas and rhododendrons. Winter flowers in full bloom, few lakes and rusty autumn trees, everything was like in a fairy tale. 

And, of course, after all this beauty, tired of the mountains, we ran to the beach. Bogdan chose Port Noarlunga for this evening. The place is astonishing, I left a piece of me on that beach
I think I can live here (insert smiley stupid face with big teeth), but I don't know what life has in its pockets for us next week. He's having some meetings and interviews starting tomorrow, I hope we will know soon where we're heading.

But, hey! Good news! If you want to visit ALL THE BEACHES in Australia, one by one, every day, you'll need about 27 years. I guess we will find one for us, no matter where we'll go!

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