duminică, 16 octombrie 2011

Endless Optimism

I'm right in the middle of a book which turned up to be more like a stand-up comedy show screenplay, by Lenny Ravich. He's not a doctor, neither a comedian, he's the director of the Gestalt Institute from Tel Aviv and he runs optimism worldwide workshops.
Here is a funny short story I couldn't resist to share:

«One day I woke up and I saw my wife throwing up in the bathroom. She looked awful. She had black circles around her eyes and she was all sweating. I took her in my arms, put her in the car, and hurried up to the nearest hospital. While I was driving she started feeling even worse. I tried to distract her from the pain by telling some jokes and funny things. 
She looked at me with suffering eyes and told me: "Why are you trying to make me laugh? Can't you see I'm very sick?" she complained. 
"I just want to be sure that, if you die, you'll meet the Angel of Death with a smile on you face."
"Is true, I might die", she mumbled in panic.
And she told me, with tears in her eyes: "Lenny, promise me that if I'll die, you'll marry a nice wife, who'll take good care of our kids."
"Sweetheart, when you'll die, you won't have any control on what I'm doing", I returned it, while I was watching the road carefully. "In the grave you won't have a remote. I will chose any women I'll want, without asking your opinion."
Gathering all her remaining powers, she looked in front of us and said: "Turn the car back, please. I won't go to any hospital."
It was amazing how her healthy skin complexion returned back in a minute.
As I always say: "Every thought is a prayer."»

Sometimes what we need to hear is not what we want to hear. The words are the most powerful weapon in the world, they put us down and they pull us back in the sky.

I hope you all have a gorgeous weekend!

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