luni, 3 octombrie 2011

The Perfect Weekend Part #2

Last weekend it was a very dense one, with quality time with the kids and old friends, but also with some travel in the gorgeous area of Buzau. 

We went to the Sculpture Camp of Magura, to Ciolanu Monastery and ended up yesterday afternoon having lunch on an amazing hill, at McPietroasa (don't laugh too hard!) Hotel. I will be back with some more pics from the hotel's garden tomorrow.

Is not the first time we explored this area, we love it from the first time we saw it, and we love to go there from time to time. 

Ciolanu Monastery is situated at about 20 km from Sarata Monteoru, the first attestation comes as far as the XIV century, and is said that its name (Big Bone) came from some monk's bones found in the area.


Just across the road is Magura Sculpture Camp, established between 1970-1985, an open air museum, with more than 250 sculptures situated on the hill. The kids were more than happy to spend there a couple of hours, running, dancing and playing all together. 

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