duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

The Perfect Weekend Part #1

I love this time of the year if the weather is fine, like it was this weekend. And it was even better, because my Romanian-Aussie friend, Dana, came home to visit her parents, together with her two pretty boys. So... we went to Sarata Monteoru, near Buzau, to spend some time together and share the news. 

Is kind of weird feeling, to see a friend only two times in twelve years, and yet to know that is there for you, as always has been and will always be. We've met long time ago and we became friends in a time when drinking a tea together downtown was an endeavor way much easier than now. Perhaps because we didn't have children yet and our time belonged only to us, even we worked a lot at that time. And that friendship lasted sustained only by itself, with long emails (much more shorter now than ten years ago, let's say it!), and some rare phone calls. Love you, Dana, and you know it!

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