miercuri, 21 decembrie 2011

Kindergarten Party - Mara

Because next year she will be in school at this time, this was the last Kindergarten Christmas show for our little Mara.
I didn't realize before seeing her on the stage how many roles, songs and dances she learned in the last couple of months. 
Of course not, she knows how to keep a secret!
So, she played the leading role in Cinderella, my beautiful daughter!
She did for almost two hours what she loves most: dancing, singing, acting. Again and again.

I'm sure now she needs more attention and more training in all artistic matters, not only because I'm proud of her, being her mother, but I can see how dedicated and passionate she is. Her memory is way much better than Runa's or mine and she remembers the words and the melody of songs she listen on the radio!
Ho, ho, ho! I can't wait to see her at Romanian Opera on Christmas Eve!

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