duminică, 18 decembrie 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Well, we have again a real tree in the house, but I LOVE the fir smell on Christmas days and I forgot again to book a tree for rent it in time. Next year I will have it in my agenda, so I will call "The South Garden" and book one, then give it back. 
Because for a long time we lived in a small flat and we didn't have enough space to host a big tree, now we prefer a rich and tall one. We found this year our beautiful tree in Hornbach (a nice DIY shop) at a very affordable price. 

Because I was not in the best shape ever, I let Bogdan and the kids to decorate the tree, while I was taking pictures (and have lain, I should say). And, of course, playing up the DJ for Christmas carols.

Mara and Radu made the selection of the ornaments, they were really happy to go through all the boxes and to choose only what they liked.

Runa and Bogdan were in charge with disentangling the lights and the garlands, so they accomplished the most difficult tasks.

Radu helped with everything, from hanging the decorations to bringing water to the thirsty ones.

Then, came to me and shown how spoiled he is. 

Bogdan raised him up to finish up the decorating!

But, of course, Mara found something else to hang, and more, and more...

Runa knotted the tree's skirt and arranged it, using her aesthetic skills...

Then, we lit up the Christmas lights and the kids opened the letters they received from Santa! 
But, about the letters, a little bit later!

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