luni, 19 decembrie 2011

Letters from Santa

As in fairy tales, when the Christmas Tree was completely decorated, grandma brought three envelopes, each of them with our kid's names on it. With a pretty stamp from the North Pole (featuring Rudolf) and even a stamp! 

No, I didn't think of it by myself, actually Ada is doing that from four years now, is a veteran. She collects information from her blog readers and then she send the letters by post! So, the kids received them in the mailbox, truly believing that Santa Claus knows all their secrets! 

Radu and Mara have listened to me reading, then they were very busy gathering the sparkling hearts and dots from the floor. Well, me too, so we forgot to take pictures.

They were very happy to receive them, Runa read it with a loud voice, but hesitating, like she wasn't sure is true or not. 
As really good news, Runa still believes in Santa, and the little ones were so impressed by the letters, they forgot to fight today on the backseat of my car! 

We need Santa Claus to teach Mara to stop wiping her nose with her sleeves. 
Ideas, anyone?

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Anonim spunea...

tricouri cu maneca scurta

Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

:-)))) Tu crezi că Santa n-are probleme de igienă cu barba aia lungă și cu mustața aia pufoasă de sub nas?