marți, 14 februarie 2012

San Pietro's Basilica.

Like the first  time we visited it, we had again the same unbelievable feeling in San Pietro's basilica in Vatican. Despite popular belief, San Pietro is not a cathedral but a "Pope basilica" as it has no bishop dwelling in it. It has the biggest interior of entire churches christian world and trust me, 
YOU FEEL THIS when entering.

Bogdan made an experiment for the next picture by putting the camera on it's back in the middle of the floor mosaic with very high exposure and hy aperture. Hope you'll like it.

The main Dome

Pieta by Michelangelo. Simple breathless, flowing stone. 
Almost feel impunity by using Bogdan's wallet as a tripod :)

The sun was waiting for us outside, beautiful and friendlier than ever!

We finished the 10 km walk by going back to the hotel, on foot again, on the right bank of Tevere.
Stay tune for the rest of the trip tomorrow!

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