joi, 9 februarie 2012

We Love to Party!

I'd like to write more about the after-baptizing-party, but is not much to say... After three hours of church service at noon, with a freezing temperature outside, everybody was really hungry, so we went at the restaurant and devoured all the food with passion
NO PICTURES, guys, you might understand why! 
We just ate and watched the movie Petre did for the event, using Maria Azaria's pictures. Shall we mount it on YouTube? Guess is gonna take some time... it was a huge movie.
The atmosphere suddenly headed up when my kids went in, cause they are like a little heard full of
energy and fun!
they said entering the doors, and all the evening we had a show for free! The other two kids at the party were far away from the fireworks spread by Radu, Mara and Runa together! Some samples behind! 

Stay tuned for the morning baby bath, coming soon!

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