miercuri, 8 februarie 2012

Baptizing Maria Azaria

Hey, new daughter-in-law in town! 
We had the pleasure and the honor to baptize the beautiful Maria Azaria, with a very meaningful ceremony, in a small and crowded wooden church. She is the daughter of Petre and Andreea, you might remember their beautiful love story started one year ago.

The baptizing bowl was gorgeously decorated by Zana Buna Rau and Samantha the Witch (they both pretend to be really bad, but I bet you believe them as much as I do!). 
So, we had some two strange  fairies to wish for our little girl.

Petre's parents were very happy and discreetly around, helping with the decorations.

Both grandmothers were expecting the baby to come in the church.

The olive oil, the towel and the soap, extremely nice decorated by the same Fairies, sitting on the ceremony table, just close to the Bible.

 Bogdan carried Maria Azaria most of the time, they both seemed to enjoy each other's company.

Andreea was permanently watching her daughter, sitting just next to us, offering all the necessary supplies, care and smiles.

The second priest untied Maria Azaria of the ritual ribbon, as a symbol of the Original Sin...

... and put it on the Godfather's neck.


The first priest baptized Maria Azaria by sinking in the holly water, then presented her to the crowd! She was just fine, then Bogdan took her in the white new cloth, and brought her to me to be oiled with the holy oil (mir) and then, dressed up.

The church service was long and beautiful, they prayed a lot and the chorus sang divinely.

Maria Azaria received in my arms her very first communion.

After a little spoon of wine, she was totally asleep, but she was dedicated to icons...

... then, she was given to her Godparents.

The most colorful new baptized kid in the church...

... was given to his mother through the church's threshold, by me, of course.

And they lived happily ever after!

2 comentarii:

Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

Ce frumos a fost, dom'le, botezul! Și ce frumoși sunteți voi toți! Trei ore ai zis?:-))))

Florica Zanfir spunea...

ce frumosi sunteti , nasii , voi si Maria Azaria sa fiti sanatosi cu totii sa aveti parte de bucurii si belsug