luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

And It Was Weekend

From Friday to Monday, I don't know when time flies, is like a carousel we are not allowed to take off.  

Last Saturday, we celebrated Mara's birthday at Happy Planet: a big indoor playground she chose only few days ago. I had reservation in a different place, but she told me she would like again a playground. It was better for me, because I didn't have to take care of almost anything. I felt somehow sorry, because I wanted a themed party, and I was prepared with lots of butterflies and craft ideas. But, as I said, I needed only to take care of our guests.

There were lots of children, lots of parents, beautiful gifts, an amazing cake from Cookie Jar. She even had a pinata, filled with candies and small gifts for everybody.

In the evening, she told us what her wish came true. I tried to make her unveil her desires, and finally I succeeded. 
Her wish was to have plenty of surprises at her birthday, and so it was!
The best surprise of all: Mara's teacher attended the party, and she's sleeping with the present since: a sweet and beautiful pink doll.


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