duminică, 13 ianuarie 2013

Go! Just Go!

I don't know how it comes, but when it comes to travel, we don't need to think twice. On Friday afternoon, we took Radu and Mara and we stopped in Predeal, near Runa's camp. In the morning, when she heard we'll come there, she told us not to visit her, the parents shouldn't be allowed in camps. Uh, she's already THAT BIG???

 We spent a great weekend, Radu and Mara started skying, Bogdan took some beautiful pictures on the top of the mountains, today we were sledging for an hour, then we came back home.  

 I think we should take them in the mountains more often, we found this beautiful accommodation minutes away of the sky slopes from Clăbucet, so we should be there at least once every winter month.

Mara asked when the plane will come. We reminded her we went by car. 
"Oh, I forgot...!", she replied.

Mara is skying like a little mimosa, her own style, but making progresses at every descent. She realized there is no escape from learning to sky this year, so she finally accepted the idea. 

Radu was very enthusiastic from the beginning, insisting on skying alone, but he has no idea how to stop or turn. The monitor is teaching him, but he forgets, fortunately he's all instinct, so when he starts to get some speed, his feet know how to react by themselves. But at the first lesson he was just like a living undermine: speed and determination. 

So, one of my year's resolutions is in progress: Radu and Mara started the skying lessons. Perhaps in the next winter they will join Runa in the winter camp, having fun together!

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