duminică, 6 ianuarie 2013

Mara's First Grade Christmas Show

The end of last year we attended several Christmas shows and celebrations with our children and I cannot tell which one was the best. But for sure, at Mara's school, was one of the best we ever saw.
All the children prepared lots of songs and poems, but not the quantity mattered, but the quality they had in interpretation. I have no words to praise their teacher, she was that good.

The parents have outdone themselves in helping and supporting the festivity, including a gorgeous Santa Claus, full of smiles, humor and beautiful words.

One more thing, the lovely bouquet Mara gave to her teacher was (of course) prepared by my friend Maria, from Fairy's Corner

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ZADIN spunea...

Ai o prințesă adorabilă. Sper să am și eu una într-o zi.

Moșul e foarte verosimil.