joi, 11 mai 2017

A Big Island

For those of you who don't already know, what is called the Sydney CBD (Central Business District) is a very small and vibrant part of greater Sydney, located a Pacific shore. 
On an island
OK, a big island. 
Actually it is a continent!!!

On the other hand, the Sydney metropolis is a huge area of 12,367 km2 sprawling towards Blue Mountains in the West, spreading its slightly larger than five million population through North and South on this very large surface, the East is bounded by the Pacific ocean.

For a number of reasons, now I don't commute anymore to  the CBD for work, so every time I get the chance to go in the City it's a real treat and joy. Today I had to go for a meeting, so I went for 1 minute to check on my favourite street and gave my tribute to the disappearing birds who used to live here before the people did. 
Say hello and wave, please!

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