miercuri, 10 mai 2017

Not an Ordinary Day

It was a day, a long time ago, when I decided I will write on this blog  
every day
The rational behind this was that every day was worth being remembered for something good. There must have been something in the day which made my heart beat faster, feel warmer, bring a little moment of happiness or release or ease a frustration. 
A "count your blessings" moment, in a short image or a short description, an exercise of removing what's bad and making place for the positive in my life. 

I still do this in my real life every day and I think it may be the time to revive this moment through this blog too. 


Because I'm alive, because I live where I like and because sometimes I forget to be as happy as I deserve to be.

My daily dose of happiness comes from the place I live, love and work, and that place is what you see: my backyard in Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia.

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