joi, 23 iunie 2011


Since Monday I started again to pick up Radu and Mara from kindergarten. Many kids left for holiday, so the transport car is not available anymore.

We usually listen to Radio Itsy Bitsy, a local special radio for kids. Is funny, is cute, broadcasts nice and happy music, very appropriate for listening in the car with the whole family.
Imagine my surprise when both of them asked me to stop the radio. 
- OK, I said, what would you like to listen then? 
- You had some music yesterday, do you still have it or it was on the radio? Mara asked.

I had to think a little bit... then, I suddenly remembered!

Here it is what Mara and Radu wanted to listen. On heavy rotation. Hope you'll enjoy it either!

3 comentarii:

ella@lifeologia spunea...

Soo cool. I think me and my girl would love to listen to this ;)
Very fun to dance to ;D

Andrada spunea...

Love it :). Pink Martini in general...

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@Andrada: They are abssolutely crazy about it, I had to hide the CD :).