luni, 20 iunie 2011

Saturday Kindergarden Report

It was a crazy, crazy weekend, YES!
And we missed most of the invitations (I mean two weddings and a birthday party), but we had so much fun together!
On Sunday we had the kindergarten annual celebration, for both Mara and Radu, at very different hours. 
Radu started at 9 a.m., so we had to wake up at 7 to be ready with all the costumes and everything. 
He started the show with a butterfly costume, the wings were supposed to be on his back, but the maids dressed him backwards. So he was a funny butterfly with the wings on his chest! He recited poems, sang lots of songs, both in Romanian and English, danced and, finally, had a swimming suit parade.

Tell me, with such a teacher, you wouldn't learn everything better and faster?

At 3 p.m. Mara entered the stage, she played all the roles she could get, in Romanian, English and Spanish! I am so amazed of how well things go with her and her teacher, Loredana. She is happy and willing to learn so many new things all the time! Unfortunately we lost part of the pictures, so you will not see the princess kissing the frog unless some other parents will send me some pics :).

In the evening we stopped at a garden restaurant to have dinner, the kids were so happy, and so was I, because it was so much easier than usual. We all had pizza and lots of ketchup, so everybody was very happy. Unfortunatelly, Bogdan didn't feel really well after such dinner, so we missed the weddings. Is no place like home when it comes about toilets, isn't it?

What can I say more? We fainted out at sleep time, only to continue today with our family adventures. 
Oh, you didn't see Runa in this story! She came very late, because she attended the Chinese Painting Course with Margareta on Saturday! Pictures coming soon!

Have a great week ahead, my friends!

9 comentarii:

Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

Tot la 5 minute îmi aduc aminte de poza lui Radu cu aripioarele în față și râd singură. Sunteți incredibili! :-)))

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Ha, ha, si eu rad cand mi-aduc aminte. Au uitat sa-i puna si pantalonasii albastri, era doar in body. Adica in chiloti, cum ar veni :)).

habarnam spunea...

:))) Ce simpatici! Și l-au lăsat așa toată reprezentația? Și Mara, ce frumușică. Cât de complexe i-au fost rolurile. Abia aștept și eu să cântăm, dansăm, desenăm. Deocamdată plângem din orice și spunem NU într-una.

habarnam spunea...
Acest comentariu a fost eliminat de autor.
Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

Hahahaha, și cu fluturele invers, și fără pantaloni, ce iureș!

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@Habarnam: Nuuu, l-au schimbat, si Radu a avut multe roluri, fluturas a fost doar la inceput :). Ne-a uimit pe toti cu poeziile si cu cantecele, acasa canta numai "Barca pe valuri", dar pe scena s-a desfasurat din plin.
Ei, o sa vina si vremea lui Gogo, n-ai tu grija!

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@Zana Buna Rau: Si daca-ti spun ca am uitat acasa costumul de baie al Marei pentru parada si m-am dus pana la H&M in timpul spectacolului sa-i cumpar altul, ce mai zici? Iures? Stai sa vezi :).

drstoica spunea...

Pfuaaa!... Mara-i doctor?! Ca mine. :))

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@drstoica: E balerina deghizata in doctor, da, ca tine. :))