marți, 28 iunie 2011

Papillon Zeugma, children's holiday

I like Belek for its beautiful beaches with fine and soft sand, and we are in Papillon Zeugma Hotel for the second time. It is the same hotel as the first time we came in Turkey, 6 years ago, but I have to confess there is a big change in services between our two visits. 
The pool bar I used to remember with such pleasure disappeared to make place for 2 water slides and a kids swimming pool. The inner yard pool increased its dimensions, and there is a new and big playground for kids. I miss the pool bar, but for kids the water slides are, of course, much more fun.
But the big problem are the services, I never saw worse in Turkey until now. Not in a 5 stars resort, anyway. The day we arrived we came to dinner in the buffet restaurant with all the kids hungry (we are a group of 19 persons, from which 8 children), the restaurant was so full, we couldn't find a free table to eat for about half an hour. Mara lives with fresh air, but Runa and Radu went kind of crazy when we told them we need to wait for so long.  There are three a-la-carte restaurants in the hotel, they can be used if the kids are bigger, but with small kids the buffet is always the best option. Most of the waiters are very young and inexperienced, they forget what you ordered or even to bring the order, like yesterday with my coffee.
Anyway, this is just a detail, because the hotel is beautiful and the distance to the beach is very convenient, so we can spend our mornings in the swimming pool and the afternoons on the beach, playing with the kids in the sunset.
The schedule is very chaotic and we are very tired. Radu woke up for about 3 times by night, Mara fell down from her bed,  Runa got something in her eye, so she cried and yelled for about 5 hours.
In the first evening Radu fell in his head, in the second he got his arm caught in the sliding doors from the restaurant, all the time he want to take the elevator, no matter where we need to go.
Runa wants to stay very late in the night to see the shows. Radu wants to sleep early because he is tired, as a baby I should say. Mara wants everything, everywhere, everytime.
We decided, years ago, that this is the children's holiday. So, they are the passengers, we (me and Bogdan) are the crew. We watch them and we take care of them, while we enjoy the journey together. 

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alina spunea...

heaven!! minunat! bucurati-va la maxima intensitate!!

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

intr-adevar! cat am asteptat vacanta asta! multumim, Alina.

giozi spunea...

I love this place. Your son is so handsome.

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Is really beautiful, and there are interesting places to visit in the area, too. Thank you :)