vineri, 19 august 2011

Kids All Around

One of my favorites things to do in the summer is going in park with all kids. If possible, with Bogdan. Because he takes his camera and watches the kids on the field, while I'm with my eyes on all of them from a bench. So, when intervention is required, I can jump and help or caress, as the case it is. :)
This time, he was sneaking around, stealing pictures while they played, so I was kind of relaxing in the sweet evening light.

So, they started with a tree. Climbing that tree. Jumping on the ground from the tree.

I was watching all the kids from a distance. And the scooter, and the bags. The scooter is at the third kid, we bought it from Austria, for Runa... very long ago.

While in the park, Mara is making friends very easy. She leaves every time with dozens of goodbyes!

Runa was very vivacious in the beginning, jumping and running all over the place, helping Radu to explore all the corners...

Then, she passed out on a swing...

Radu went through all the toys and the slides and the stairs...

He didn't forget the rockers...

... while Mara was practicing somehow her ballerina skills.

Well... not only... Do you think I should take her to a pony ride next weekend?

Hey! Is somebody there? Beware, I might bite!

I really love that playground, you can fall from the scooter as many times you can, no wound will happen!

At the end, a big and rare treat for Radu, Mom Spinning!

Well, Bogdan was spying on me, too...

Another bit of ballerina moves...

And, finally, the gang has left the building. 
"Mom, now we can have some dinner?" 
Oh, what a music to my ears! 
Neah, not really mines, the food dealer and guardian in the house is my mother-in-law, she is absolutely delighted when a kid (or an adult, either) is hungry. And she really needs to feed everybody. All the time.
Have a quiet night, my friends!

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