miercuri, 10 august 2011

St Constantin and Elena, Bulgaria

Well... yep, it's holiday. Again. In Bulgaria. Again. Don't hate me. I have bugs in the room and the food is ferocious. But is so much fun! And quiet... not quite. Because Radu and Mara are two noisy kids, you know. 

At noon, they are way too tired to stay awake, so I have 2 quiet hours when I can hear my thoughts. Yes, my mother-in-law is also asleep.

Radu wakes up at 6 a.m., o I can admire the sunrise every morning. From my balcony. 
Beautiful, isn't it?

I wanted today to swim in the sea, but they said it has way too many vegetables in it. Like vegetables in the soup. Algae. And I saw a huge jellyfish, like a basketball ball size. I kept this secret. No need to panic. We have swimming pools.

It's strange how us, as adults, we cannot enjoy the small things in life. I'm grateful I have those little wonders to show me how life can be gorgeous, despite some unpleasant details. Hey, life's good!

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