miercuri, 31 august 2011


Hello, Friends!
Last Saturday it was a big celebration in our nanny's house: her biggest grandson and our godson had the "Strands Party"! We did it with Maria last month, we did it again with David last week! We celebrated earlier (his birthday is in September, so we are going to party twice!), because the tradition says it has to be done before his first anniversary, and it was the only weekend available for all of us.

Runa is brilliant with small kids, unfortunately we are talking only about other people's kids...

All the family anxiously expected his choices, the ball was in the most visible place, as his father wants a football player career for his beloved son. Well... the first chosen item was a screwdriver... sorry, dad!

But... mommy is happy now, it seems that he will make good money with his pretty screwdriver...

... and a pair of good scissors! Who knows what the future has in its pockets for him? He might be the next Galliano? No? Not Galliano? OK, OK, Alexander McQueen, if you like him better...

Bogdan, the hat was not for you, you know? You have to give it back! Now!

Sad, but very determined to keep his new toy!

And, the tragic moment has arrived, I had to cut something from David's head, hopefully some hair.

An amateur photographer is trying to capture the best moments... Good luck! Nobody can see you, I bet!

Comm'on, daddy, don't be sad, I promise I'll be good and famous and rich!

God, I'm good!

My happy, pretty godsons are the sweetest pair in the world!

I love the way he smiles and shows his four teeth!

And now: pictures with the future famous man, his crazy tattooed uncle first!

Good things come in pair, isn't it?

Oh, another uncle! Of course, didn't I just said in pair?

Ta-daaaam! The birthday cake was brilliant, with Thomas the Train and some fruits inside, so yummy!

Happy Birthday, little man, may your life be blessed and full of joy, and may all the loving people around you to be always there for you! We sure will!

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