luni, 15 august 2011

Prespa Lake, Makedonia

 Close to Ohrid Lake, in Macedonia, is Prespa Lake. We crossed Galicica mountain, at 1500 meters high, to reach the highest lake in the Balkans and second largest lake in Macedonia. 

Among Prespa Lake and Ohrid Lake, lays the mountain Galicica, as I said, below which runs underwater channel called Zavir. From here, the water flows in the springs of St. Naum, and from there it fills Lake Ohrid. We crossed the mountain at 1500 meters high. There is a point from where you can see both lakes, the views are really breathtaking!

 The coast of Prespa Lake is the purest one in whole of Macedonia. Nature seems untouched by human hand. White pelicans, cormorants, herons, cranes and swans are gathering close to the lake, which, in turn, is rich with dozens of different types of fish like carp, trout, rudd... 

It is located at a slightly higher altitude and its environs are much less populated. Here the wildlife prevails. This does not make it less beautiful, but just on the contrary. 
It is interesting to note that despite its small area, Prespa Lake is situated in 3 countries - Macedonia, Albania and Greece.

Although it has less fame, it is not less beautiful. Prespa Lake has an exclusive charm. The surrounding area is very well preserved and the modern civilization almost did not leave its mark. I said ALMOST, because on our way around the lake we found an abandoned restaurant, on a beautiful beach, known only by a little amount of people. We put the car in reverse and stopped for a couple of hours, refreshing, taking pictures and enjoying the moment.

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Vale ♥ spunea...

Wonderful pics, it seems like a beautiful place !Congrats on your beautiful family =) Kisses from Italy

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@Vale: Thank you!
Italy... I love your country :)