sâmbătă, 12 februarie 2011

Happy New Marriage!

They are both born in the same city, went to the same school, had lots of common friends, love the same kind of music, spent their time in the same places, but they never get to know each other. They had to meet in another city, on December 14, 2010.

He asked her to marry him on January 1st, 2011. What a fresh start of a year!

They moved together on February 1st.

They married yesterday!!! And I think they make one of the most beautiful couples I ever seen!

We are proud to be their godfathers, as is the habit here, in orthodox religion. 

The godfathers are the spiritual parents of the godchildren, and have to watch them for the rest of their lives, be there when they need help, and give advice when asked.

Hope we will be at least close to their expectations and we are wishing Petre and Andreea a very long life together, good understanding, and everyting they want for themselves!

Because they remind me of me and Bogdan 12 years ago, and I can see far in the future how beautiful their relationship will be. When you love each other like that, you can overpass any obstacle, isn't it?

3 comentarii:

laura spunea...

incrreeeeeeeedible story, nice persons, I hope they stay forever, they look good together... and with this pair of goodmother and goodfather... the success is guaranteed!!! :-)

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

thank you, Laura! I really do think so!

Luanne spunea...

very very beautiful couple and love their story.