luni, 18 aprilie 2011

Palm Sunday

It was the Palm Sunday yesterday, and here we celebrate all the people with flower names. I'm named by a flower, too, you know, so I knew I will expect many guests. At least, I thought so.

I went to the market early in the morning, bought some fresh veggies, some cakes and lots of spring flowers.

Late in the afternoon, together with my mother in law, we set the fire for barbecue, and while she was cooking the meat, I peeled the potatoes and made the salad.

Bogdan was willing to help, so I asked him to make the mashed potatoes for the kids. Watch it, you won't see it very often!

We all had some beer, as tradition says when making barbecue :). Mishu, our friend, took the most funny pictures. YES, is me the one with the beer!

Runa went out with her cousin Andrei and his father, while Maria, his sister and our god-daughter, visited us with Valentina, her mother. God, this moment already arrived, and I don't know when. 
Runa is big enough to go out and have fun without us...

We fed the kids first, so we could stay and enjoy the moment.

Mara surprised me by writing ALONE a letter for the Easter Bunny, letting him know which gifts he should bring her. She knows all the letters, but I really didn't expect so much focus from her to have the wish list done. I love her determination and I hope it will last.

Radu just loves cars, and he does everything to get them. 
He would eventually read a book for that :).

Maria is our little god-daughter, I was so happy to have her visiting us yesterday with her mom.

No celebration is finished without some gamboling with the kids! Radu and Mara took Bogdan for a ride.

  Bogdan was the horse, of course.

Runa and Andrei gave us a little night music. 
None of them knows to play guitar. 
So what?

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Zâna Bună Rău spunea...

I wish you all the best, better later than never!

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

Good wishes are always wellcomed! Thank you!