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Ten Thousand and One Islands @The Dragon

Everglades has several different ecosystems, most of them with subtle or without boundaries. If I remember well from the ranger's Rick lecture, there are 9 of them. Among them is The ten thousand islands system - the mangrove small islands in the extreme west of the park. This is were I hit the road for in our last day in Florida.

Was literally a walk in the park. After exiting the highway, I drove 20 km though an impossible long and straight road traversing a typical American suburba nd then reach the park again on its famous Tamiami trail. Different than first day in the park, this path was very "human" meaning constructions, farms, alligators farms, airboat tours every 10 km, mostly Miccosukee Native Indians operated. 

Without being thrilled about this I understood that this was a compromise made by the state to ensure a living for those guys. Up to the level they allowed a Bingo / Casino 5 floors building next to the park entrance. 
So much not an American National Park.

Anyway, morning light was beautiful and after I stopped for the first time (violently break and roll back to reach it), I remembered what I came for and enjoyed the view. I did not include in the pictures the black guy fishing (very productively I would say) in the same place, talking a non-understandable English. I could grasp only: 
"This's a muuud fishhh. And I don't eat those.  Me wife does"

The drive to Everglades city was easy, the only problem was not to fall asleep. Klaus was not driving, so he spoiled himself with a "nap". We reached the harbor and decided to go for a boat tour. We had seen already the mangroves by close distance in Key Largo, so we took the big boat tour to the Ten Thousands Islands. Funny thing, last July I was in Stockholm and took a tour with the same name. But that was 1 day long, muuuuch colder weather and definitely 10,000 islands. Florida's one was over rated. But not the colors, the breeze and the views. 

The boat driver was right when he asked us if ranger Rick's has bored us to death in the few minutes we waited for the boat tour to start. But I guess we deserved that. Not long before we were reading from park schedule about ranger's presentation and we agreed it could not be something more boring on the world than to come to a park and participate to a ranger presentation. But I am mean. Those guys love their jobs, are very good and serious and sometimes telling interesting and not easy to find information.

The boat driver was nice, funny and willing to help (obviously we tipped him  well!). At his recommendation we reached the last island accessible by road in the park, enjoyed a healthy lunch (in America !!!) in Havana cafe and found this amazing place. We found a small fishing harbor with boat ramps and shaded long chairs were we sat and filled our souls with peace and clear our minds from any thoughts. At least I did this. It might had happen that Klaus to take a nap again.

And if I would have to summarize in one single word and one single image my impressions from Florida will be this:


Thx for being around for this long trip report and keep following The Apprentice, she really puts passion into this blog.

with love, The Dragon

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