sâmbătă, 30 aprilie 2011

Saturday Report

God, if we want to go out, we need more than one hour to get the kids in the car, wearing some proper clothes and shoes! Today was not exception, between the moment we decided to go out and the moment we climbed in the car passed more than an hour.

Radu was crazy about a pajama blouse with Lightning McQueen he found in his room today, so I had to dress him with it. Well, who really cares?

Mara wore what she wanted, as usually, but this time she mistook her blouse with a dress, refusing to wear trousers. Everybody went crazy around her, but I saved the day by convincing her to put on some short striped tights. It was a story with she shoes, too, but I spare you.

The big surprise was the I.O.R. park (its actual name is Alexandru Ioan Cuza, but we are so used with the old name) itself, with a total face-lift,  looking exactly the same like a Spanish of French park, beautifully restored and refurbished. We loved the cubic stone on the alleys, the fresh drinks kiosk, the wonderful tulips in bloom, the black swans from the lake... It was beautiful and clean, as it always should be a park. We liked it so much, we decided to go out in the evening in the same place. 

Quote of the day @Mara: "Daddy,  let split out! I will go search for Mom, you go take some pictures!"


3 comentarii:

Rural Revival spunea...

Looks like a fun day and the park sounds lovely! We had a park we could walk to when we lived in the city, it was so nice to go there when our children were little.

habarnam spunea...

Cat de mult s-a schimbat! Parcul. Nu era prea interesant pe vremuri. Doar ca era si e, cred, foarte mare. Dar pozele sunt, ca de obicei, foarte frumoase.
Imi place ideea asta cu momentele de amintit, ca doar cu astea ramai. Cred ca te uiti cu placere peste ele, asa, in timp.
Foarte frumos!

The Fairy's Apprentice spunea...

@Andrea: It was really fun and joy all day long, despite the difficult exit :).
@habarnam: Este frumoasa doar partea de vizavi de magazinul Titan, care a fost complet refacuta, cealalta este in constructie. Multumesc pentru complimente!