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When Hurricanes Are Silent @The Dragon

Hi Everybody, 
The Apprentice is asking me for long time to do some guest posting on her blog, but few opportunities occur as we usually travel together. 
But here I am now, as I flew to USA for my 6th time in 6 years. 
This time not in my beloved desert but to the land and water and sun: Florida. And, to my luck (as usual), hurricanes were silent.

I was there to attend this conference which took place in the famous (but overrated) Fontainbleau Miami Beach resort.  But, obviously, I will take you through my leisure experiences and not to the professional ones. Today will be about the city and the urban areas even though I went there to see the nature.

Miami Beach is a city of water, sun, fun, luxury and leisure. And, if I will tell you how amazed I was noticing a commercial for breast augmentation on buses (mass targeting), you will understand what kind of human beauties are walking free around :).
Have a look to this glorious morning light in Miami Beach:

The beach itself is not only very clean, well organized and easy to reach but mostly has some amazing colors. The contrast between the modernity of the beach resorts and the natural colors of the beach and ocean is remarkable.

And even if this is not taken on that beach, the picture below illustrates the amazing colors of Atlantic ocean on Florida's shores.

I spent all my free days in the nature, so I haven't seen much from Miami except from shopping malls, restaurants and parking places, obviously not very sexy to photograph ;). But due to my nice Austrian colleague (a globe trotter and experimentalist) we went to see a special neighborhood: 

Little Havana

Although not really Cuban (or at least not matching my ideas about Cuba), it was very interesting. We wandered through the very hot roads (hotter for me as I did a bad planning and had to walk in a long sleeve dark blue shirt). We entered an art gallery, a cigar factory where I was so impressed that I bought 3 cigars even though I never smoked and I don't plan to have another kid. And we end up by eating in a family restaurant. It can't go any weirder to eat in a Lebanese restaurant operated by a Mexican family in Little Havana. That's globalism at its home I guess. But food was delicious and not expensive.

Some raw pictures taken with a compact camera

So, that was it about urban experiences. Stay tuned tomorrow for some amazing places, water, wild animals and great, great relaxation in my first day in Everglades National Park. Here is a glimpse on how my day started and 6:30 AM.

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